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We create space - temporary structures

We offer lease of temporary structures of the Losberger De Boer brand for every possible demand for space and anywhere in Poland. Products by Losberger De Boer have received recognition of customers on five continents. The experience gathered in various projects around the world creates an offer that allows us to propose you ready solutions of Losberger De Boer (temporary or semi-permanent structures) in any situation or purpose. Furthermore, each of the Losberger De Boer products can be customized in order to create an entirely individual solution. Our customers have a whole catalogue of components to choose from, ie. doors, windows, side panels, insulation type, stairs and floors

Temporary structures for events

The Losberger De Boer products are distinguished by a stylish look that is characterized by quality and convenience. Losberger De Boer has enjoyed an excellent reputation around the world for decades providing creative and effective space solutions for many small and large national and international events, such as The World and European Football Championships, the Olympic Games, International Conferences, such as the UN COP, the Asian Games, Volvo Ocean Race, Wimbledon and many more. We invite you to look at the relation from the reference projects. We also provide all the necessary services to prepare and service the event

Temporary structures for business and public facilities

We also provide comprehensive and fast in assembly space solutions for business that have many various uses. Removable and light construction systems can be used without problems for several months or years. The structures that we provide are perfect wherever flexibility and the possibility of rapid expansion are important and a short time of implementation of the investment is expected. Structures built in Losberger De Boer technology are perfectly suited for use as a space for:

supermarkets and shops


exhibitions halls


sports halls, ice rinks

auditoriums, conference rooms and theaters

stations and terminals


apartments and temporary hotels



Temporary structures can be equipped with everything that can be expected from a functional business space. We offer:

insulated roofs and walls

industrial doors

ceiling systems

ventilations and air-conditioning systems


furniture and much more


Tymczasowe budynki, eventy, hale, magazyny, konstrukcje, kup, wynajmij



Our services - a comprehensive offer of space preparation and event service

What distinguishes us is the ability to design and prepare an original surroundings that is optimally suited to the requirements and for any occasion. We also provide rental of the equipment for a new structure for the needs of the event and all services that are necessary do prepare the space and service of the event

Our team consists of specialists from various industries who have managed and consulted many projects for the largest Polish companies and institutions and also managed the organization of such congresses as the Presidency of the European Union, COP19, Congress of Polish Education, EXPO 2015, NATO Summit in Warsaw 2016, The World Games 2017 and many more. Over the years, we have developed our own resource management methodology to properly implement projects

1. Place

To make the best impression, we suggest to choose a structure that will meet all your requirements. A wide range of temporary structures by Losberger De Boer with luxurious and unique interiors creates an ideal platform for event organization. Almost every Losberger De Boer structure offers many options for configuring walls, floors and roofing and features like canopies, balconies, mezzanines and indoor and outdoor stairs. Our architects and engineers will advise you in the process of choosing a temporary structure that will be both functional and fulfilling all safety requirements

3. Project organization

Our experienced team guarantees the highest quality and comprehensive solutions. We provide not only rental, delivery and assembly of temporary structures for events, but also all the necessary management and organization services to prepare the “turn-key” structure

2. Services and infrastructure

We offer rental of necessary equipment, installation and service in following branches:

Temporary structures

Arrangement of existing facilities

Fire protection and OHS

Sanitary industry

Air-conditioning and heating

Designer, stage and office lighting

Power (or guaranteed power supply)


IT (cybersecurity, Internet, network, computers and printers)

Signage and navigation

Scenografy and decorations

Designer, conference and office furniture

Audio and video systems and conference television

Conference and translation systems

Hostesses and hosting services


Safety - physical protection and video monitoring


Event management

Transport and storage

4. Success


Experience of many project realizations and satisfaction from the successes

of our clients allow us to develop and give energy for the future




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